Deep Learning

Deep learning is the core of xDream 3.0’s operation. It will learn like human brain but has no emotion, no mindset, able to overcome human’s weaknesses and blind spot.


Intelligence recognition such as face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition will help everyone trade anytime, anywhere even you are not a professional trader or don’t have any trading experience.

Big Data and Cloud Computing

A perfect combination to make xDream 3.0 the first intelligent trading platform to analysis trading data and information around the world

The Application of xDream 3.0

Year 2020

Smart Trading

Smart Customer Service

Smart Risk Management

Smart Investment

xDream 3.0

Artificial Interlligence

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the core of xDream’s operation. It contains four functions: data acquisition, data utilization, intelligent recognition and deep learning. All the actions of xDream are received, analyzed and operated by AI. From the beginning of receiving the user’s instructions or requests, the AI system will start, receive the user’s audio and analyze it. After understanding the user’s instructions, the AI system makes decisions in milliseconds, extracts the required information through the block chain in the fastest way, performs the calculation, executes the user’s commands or answers the user’s questions in time. The advantage of AI is that it can accomplish many tasks in a short time. Compared with a multi-person professional team, AI can accomplish tasks faster, more accurately and unreservedly.

The Future

XDream 3.0 is the Intelligent Digital Asset Financial Steward exclusively for IntercoinX. XDream 3.0 exists to provide a comprehensive digital asset financial stewardship service. In addition to providing a full-time multi-dimensional stewardship service in line with the 24-hour operation of the digital asset financial market, XDream 3.0 is also the first personal AI financial stewardship in the world to replace the keyboard with voice control.


Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloud Computing